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Our website is fairly new and this page is a work in progress. A few photos of this year's annual reunion are on the Reunoin page. Please be patient while we gather and scan photos for this page. Thanks.


The Shapleigh Family Reunion Alfred, Maine 1929


Kingswear to Kittery -- The Placque donated to the Town of Kingswear by the Heritage Club of Traip Academy, Kittery, Maine and the Shapleigh Family Association, April 21, 1998. In 1998 Kittery's Adult Education and the Heritage Club of Kittery's Traip Academy planned a trip to Kingswear(e), England as part of Kittery's 350th anniversary of its charter. The villagers of Kingswear, England (approx. 2000) welcomed the group. The clerk of the Kittery Town Council suggested that a bronze placque accompany the group to be placed by them on a building in the waterfront area of the town known as Kittery Quay.
Traip Academy and The Shapleigh Family Association had the placque made and donated it to the town of Kingswear on April 21, 1998. The inscription on the placque reads: "Kittery-Kingswear. From this place, Alexander Shapleigh and Francis Champernowne sailed in 1635 to found the town of Kittery, Maine." The Kingswear Town Council issued a proclamation that April 21st would be "Kittery-Kingswear Day" and that Kittery Manager McCarthy (one of the group travelers) would present a framed proclamation to the Kingswear Parish Council.