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P.O. BOX 146, KITTERY, ME 03904-0146
    1.  NAME: 
                     First _______________________Middle ___________________
    2.  ADDRESS: ________________________________________________
    3.  BIRTH:  Date _________________Place _________________________
    4.  Mother's Maiden Name _______________________________________

             Birth date and place ________________________________________
             Death date and place________________________________________
    5.  Father's Name _____________________________________________
             Birth date and place ________________________________________
             Death date and place ________________________________________
    6.  Spouses Name (maiden name) __________________________________
    7.  Applicants Children (Names, date & place of birth in order):
    8.  Descended from: (Circle and attach pedigree, if available)
              a. Major Nicholas, 4th generation
              b. Captain John, 4th generation
              c. Catherine Shapleigh Treworgy Hilton, 2nd generation
              d. Other
 A. Eligibility for membership dependent only on ability to trace ancestry (birth, marriage or adoption) to a descendant of Alexander Shapleigh, the Immigrant of Kittery, Maine and Kingsweare, Devon, England. If you are unable to trace your ancestry or have questions, please write to our Genealogist at the Associations KITTERY, ME P.O. BOX, Attn: Richard W. Shapleigh, Sr.
 B. Applications will be voted on at he next annual meeting of the Association following the date application is received.
 C. Annual dues are $15.00 for fiscal year beginning 1 September through following 31 August and includes spouse and all children under 18 years of age. At age 18, separate membership is required.
 D. OTHER INFORMATION OF INTEREST FROM A GENEALOGICAL STANDPOINT: Contemporary records are a debt due from every generation to the future. The preservation of general biographical and genealogical material has been too much neglected, placing an additional burden upon those of the present generation, whose duty it is to hand down to posterity a faithful picture of contemporary life and achievement and such ancestral data as may have been rescued from oblivion through family tradition or the forethought of private individuals as to occupations, schooling, important lifetime happenings, honors, military service, etc.