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Newsletter - The Shapleigh Chronicles
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The Shapleigh Chronicles

The Shapleigh Family Association's Annual Newsletter The Shapleigh Chronicles was created in 1988 and the first issue was published in summer of 1989. It is published once a year in late spring/early summer and is currently 24 pages in length, containing details of the past reunion, new activities such as cemetery restoration, members'activities, historical articles about Shapleighs or Shapleigh sites, Shapleigh and related family lines' genealogy, members' memorials, membership and officers and trustees.
In 1997, Michael Matthews, publisher of "The Family Historian", rated our newsletter as "excellent quality with histories, news, cemetery projects, etc.".
All SFA members are encouraged to submit articles, pictures and artwork for submission in the newsletter and all items are returned unharmed. The cost of receiving "Chronicles" is included in the yearly membership of $15. Past issues of "Chronicles" may be ordered at a cost of $3.00 per issue, postage included. Please contact our e-mail address for more details.


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NOTE: If you would like to receive(online)a free copy of the first Chronicles issue (1989) which includes basic historical information about the Shapleigh Family Association, or to purchase copies of recent or past years issues ($3.00 postage paid) e-mail: