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The Shapleigh Spirit

(To the Tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" - writer unknown)
Words by Gus Pappalardo
The Shapleighs go back quite a ways now
   from sixteen hundred thirty five
The first one was called Alexander,
   and his memory, thru us, stays alive.
Shapleighs -- Shapleighs
   We cover the land, yes we do, we do
Shapleighs -- Shapleighs
   We cover the land, yes we do.* 
From Kingswear in England, he traveled
   to Kittery and Shapleigh in Maine
A prosperous merchant and trader,
   the "Golden Cat" brought him much gain.
And now his descendants are many
   from ocean to ocean we live.
Since on that day in 1909,
   we gather, remembrance to give.
So, here we are, all faithful Shapleighs
   enjoying each other, we're sure.
The certain reward's all around us
   Our spirit is bound to endure

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